11 5 / 2011

First of all let me start by saying that although I was raised Catholic I no longer practice, and only attend mass on big occasion like Christmas & Easter when the whole family is home.

So I was at the *Easter VigilĀ  over Easter and about 20 minutes into the ceremony I started to feel a little anger monster festering in my gut……it got bigger and bigger as the ceremony went on! I have been to plenty of church events before and I still can’t figure out what was so different about this one. I was having to take deep breaths to calm myself down!

The whole thing seamed so contrived and fake. Maybe because I do not believe that there is a God it seamed ridiculous to me. There was all this pomp and ceremony, and all I could think about was the fact that there are so many much more important things going on in the world right now. I do understand that some people need religion, and that their faith is what keeps them going when times get tough. I find it somewhat admirable the level and unconditional nature of some peoples faith. They don’t even question God, they place all their faith with him. ( I also take issue with the fact that “God” is a man…..but that’s a debate for another day!!!) Religion it seams to me is for the guilty, the oppressed, the lonely, the poor, the forgotten, the old…….people who need something more, who are not satisfied with what life has offered them and find their answers in God - whatever form he takes.
Faith can be good in teaching people good morals & living guidelines (certain faith mind, some of them teach horrendous “morals”!). For calming the souls of those that have “sinned” beyond all hope, when nobody will forgive them God will. Faith sometimes goes hand in hand with charity where certain organisations are concerned, and these have done good work - even if it was in the name of God.
On the other hand Faith is a very very very dangerous beast. It can insight people to kill themselves and others, believing all the while that it was the right thing to do. Faith breads greed, there are too many rich leaders of various churches when their congregations may be suffering or in some cases starving - where are the morals & charity in these cases?? Faith also breads corruption and worse….we’ve had many many problems with child abuse in the Irish Catholic church. There are certainly a huge number of people that were abused and have yet to or may not ever come forward. And the sickening thing id that in a lot if cases it was know that behaviour like this was going on and nothing was done about it. I’m pretty sure if God did exist he didn’t mean for his leader & his preachers to harbour child molesters?? But people can convince themselves that almost anything is OK.
I will always feel uneasy about religion, mainly because I have seen what it can do & the power that it has. I myself believe that there is “something” there, what it is I don’t know. But I’m sure some day I’ll find out………